Zombee Beeswax wrap: blue on blue-grey


Sizes & color variations

Beeswax wraps with the blue Zombee design are always rectangular, because this fits the design best. Rectangular wraps are practical for wrapping sandwiches, pieces of cheese and vegetables.

  • Rectangular M wraps measure 22×30 cm and L wraps 25×35 cm.

Sizes may vary a bit, as all wraps are hand-produced and designs might ask for slightly different sizes. If a wrap has a clearly different size (especially smaller) it is always mentioned in its description.

Colors and prints can vary a bit as well: as every piece is printed by hand, every piece comes out with individual characteristics.  Also, as the cotton used is up-cycled, color differences might occur. This makes every beeswax wrap you purchase unique.


Beware of the Zombees!
Bees are cool, and the ones in my backyard are the makers of the bio beeswax I use to make all Hasenbock’s beeswax wraps. It just doesn’t get more local, does it? Usually these bees are friendly little creatures that won’t do any harm unless provoked. Their Zombee cousins however…

Rectangular beeswax wrap in sizes M and L

Rectangular beeswax wraps with the Zombee print in blue on blue cotton are available in rectangular sizes L (25x35cm) and M (22x30cm). Currently, size M is sold out, but you can still order it. I will then print it and make the beeswax wraps for you. This will add some days to your delivery time.

Color variations

For screen-printing these hand-printed beeswax wraps I use water based blue ink on upcycled 100% greyish blue cotton cloth. The same pattern is also available in yellow, black print and green editions.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 35 cm

M, L

Print color

Blue print


Blue, Grey




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