Waxed herbpot cover


Cover up those fugly plastic pots that disfigure your fresh kitchen herbs: put a pretty, hand waxed,  eco-friendly flowerpot cover around it instead.

Waxed planters

Hasenbock’s handmade herb plant pot covers are screen printed by hand. They feature stylized herb motives. They are made of upcycled cotton . After screen printing the fabric I coat it with a special wax mix containing locally sourced beeswax and tree resin.

Cover kitchen herbpots

These beeswaxed covers fit a plastic flowerpot with a diameter up to 12 cm and 13 cm high. You can adjust the height of the cover by folding or rolling the top a bit down. This means that most plastics pots of culinary herbs you buy in the supermarket will fit. Of course, you can also use these pretty waxed pots to cover any other small planter.

Taking care of waxed fabrics

  • Clean with a damp cloth, use cold water only
  • Preferably no soap, if necessary use a mild detergent only
  • Never machine wash
  • Never dry clean
  • Never iron


Waxed herbpot and flowerpot covers: hand made from A to Z

  • Dutch Design: hand drawn herb patterns (Thymian & Basil)
  • Hand printed: manually screen printed in Austria
  • Upcycled materials: made of repurposed cotton
  • Eco friendly: printed with water-based ink, coated with organic and locally sourced ingredients
  • Biodegradable: if no longer wanted, these flowerpots can be disposed in your organic waste
  • Water repellent: the wax coating makes these pots water resistant. However, as I stitched the material, some water might come trough. Please use a saucer or something alike underneath if you want to be 100% sure the surface the waxed pot is standing on stays dry

Additional information


Green patterned, Orange, Yellow


Basil, Thymian

Print color

Brown print, White print, Blue print


Organic ingredients, Upcycled


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