Serial Chiller Baby Bodysuit | short sleeve


May all your babies be as relaxed as this dear Serial Chilling Sloth. All it does is eating, sleeping and hanging around all day. Sounds pretty much like the chill life to us!

This adorable baby bodysuit makes a perfect maternity gift for a soon-to-be mom or dad. It can also be an original baby shower present, or a birth gift for a newborn or a somewhat older baby. And hey, if you don’t want to give it away, you get it for your own baby boy or girl!

Blue, orange or cream colored

The Serial Chiller bodysuit with the hand printed black sloth design is available in the orange organic cotton version. You can also order this super chill sloth design on a blue or natural-creme color baby bodysuit. Of course, all Hasenbock’s baby garments are made of 100% organic cotton.

Sloths fun fact: toes, like night and day

Sloths come in two kinds: there is a group with two and with three toes. Both groups are only distantly related and there are some important differences between them. With human babies in mind, the most important difference is that two-toed sloths are nocturnal (active during nighttime). Their three-toed cousins are active during daytime.

Needless to say, the Serial Chiller Sloth on the Hasenbock baby bodysuit is a three-toed one. A good night of sleep is just priceless for every newborn’s parent!



Made to order special baby gift

I print these bodysuits on demand, if they are out of stock. This means that as soon as you order your desired color and size, I will set things in motion to hand-print the lovely Serial Chiller sloth. Thus I will create a one of a kind, silkscreen printed piece of sustainable clothing for you, in which your sweet baby can feel comfy and relaxed.

Take it easy: making your sustainable garment

Please note, that depending on the current number of back orders it will take a couple of days extra to silkscreen-print your sloth baby bodysuit and get it ready for shipping. If you back-order a product, I will always inform you about the expected time before shipping. If your desired color and size is readily available, this extra time does not apply, of course.

This organic cotton baby body suit is FairWear and BSCI certified.

Additional information


Serial Chiller

Print color

Black print


Blue, Orange



Size Kids

Baby 0-3 months, Baby 3-6 months, Baby 6-12 months, Baby 12-18 months


Fair Working Conditions, Oeko-tex certified, Organic Cotton, Reach Conform, Vegan


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