Zombee beeswax wrap: screen-printed (black on blue)


Beware of the Zombees!

Bees are cool, and the ones in my backyard make the bio beeswax I use to make all Hasenbock’s, screenprinted beeswax wraps. It just doesn’t get more local, does it? Usually these bees are friendly little creatures that won’t do any harm unless provoked. Their Zombee cousins however…

Rectangular wraps in 2 sizes

Rectangular beeswax wraps with the Zombee screen print are available in sizes L (25x35cm) and M (22x30cm).  Zombee beeswax wraps are printed with environmentally friendly water-based black ink on upcycled 100% cotton cloth.

Screen-printed by hand

This handmade screen-printed rectangular Zombee beeswax wrap is made of grey-ish blue recycled cotton and has an black silkscreen-printed Zombee pattern.
The Zombee design is funny, original and hand-drawn. It’s inspired on the fear some humans have of those diligent, friendly, stingy little bee creatures.

Screenprinted Zombee design in other colors

You can also find this screen printed Zombee pattern beeswax wrap in green, blue on blue, and black on yellow editions in the shop.

What can you use a beeswax wrap for?

Beeswax wraps are perfect to wrap food and cover bowls. They are are great for wrapping bread, fruit, cheese, nuts, vegetables, herbs etc. Simply use the warmth of your hands and put the beeswax wrap over the top of a bowl, a piece of fruit or some cheese. The wrap will quickly hold its shape when it cools, thus creating a seal.

The antibacterial properties of beeswax and jojoba oil help to keep your food fresh and make it possible to use your beeswax wraps again and again. However, you should not use beeswax wraps for raw meat or raw fish.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 25 × 35 cm

M, L

Print color

Black print




Organic ingredients, Upcycled


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