F#CK 2020 Beeswax Wraps


Limited #2020 edition

Let’s flip the bird at 2020 and make 2021 a better year!

The year 2020 certainly has been a special year. I guess nobody would have thought Covid-19 would take over the world and our social lives the way it did. For everybody who is as fed up with this year as I am, I made this special edition set of beeswax wraps.

This is a limited edition design. Hence, it will be available only while stock last.

Set of 2 extra large wraps

This set consists of 2 rectangular F#CK2020 beeswax wraps in size XL (30 x 40 cm).
Both wraps are hand printed and hand coated with locally sourced and organic ingredients.

The finger is block printed in dark blue on yellow or pink circles. You can choose which color(s) you want in your set:

  • 1 x  wrap with pink + 1 x yellow circles (choose “Mixed Colors” when ordering)
  • 2 x  wraps with yellow circles (SOLD OUT)
  • 2 x wraps with pink circles (SOLD OUT


The F#CK2020 design is block printed manually and the wraps are coated and cut out by hand. As a result, minor variations will occur on each wrap. Also, the beeswax and other ingredients used for the coating are natural products. This might lead to slight color variations as well.

Prefer it less explicit?

For those of you who hope for a better year, but don’t feel comfortable flipping the bird even in a “design kind of way”, consider getting the 2020/2021 Thumbs up/down set. If you want to order a set with one F#CK2020 wrap and one Thumbs up/down wrap, this is possible too.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Pink, Yellow, Mixed Colors






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