Hai Shark: screen print on canvas


Say hai to the friendly shark on this screen print in black waterbased ink on a hand painted canvas. The canvas is unframed.

This art print is available in red, orange, yellow or blue. In case you’d like a different background color, chose “different color” and add a note in which you tell me which color you’d like when ordering.

This print is an original, hand-drawn design, screen printed by hand on a hand-painted canvas.

Size: 29,6 x 23,6 cm


Sharks are the kings of the sea. They are cool animals that usually won’t do a human any harm, unless they mistake you for a seal or another tasty bite. If you see a shark, take a good look, say hi! and leave it alone.

Additional information

Dimensions 29,6 × 23,6 × ,3 cm
Print color

Black print


light blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, different color


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