Beeswaxwrap Serial Chiller | 2x Size Large & Small


Beeswax wraps are the alternative for plastic and aluminum foil. Reusable, eco-friendly wrapping: keep your food fresh without single use plastic.

Odd Item info

  • 2 blue beeswax wraps in size L (35×25 cm) and S (18×18 cm)
  • Sold as a set of 2
  • Product has no defects. End of line: I will not print the colorful sloth design on light blue any more
  • Hand printed Serial Chiller: black (S) and multicolor (L) iris-print technique screenprint
  • Hand coated with locally sourced organic beeswax and tree resin, organic jojoba-oil
  • Made of blue up-cycled cotton

Out of stock


Rare and special items for friendly prizes

You can get this item at a bargain price as it has landed in Hasenbock’s odd items category. This means the item may have minor defects such as an ink-spot, a misprint. But.. it can also simply be (one of) the last available ones in a collection I won’t reprint.

What is the case, is always clear in the text or description of the product. No unpleasant surprises: you get what you see and you get what you pay for! And what you pay are odd prizes as well ­čÖé

Sorry: no returns

As these items are clearly rarities, you cannot exchange or return them. Also, you cannot back order products that are listed as Odd items. If you still find the same product in my shop (at its original price), you can order and backorder the regular item there.


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