Set of 4 Mr Prickly square postcards & envelopes


  • Set of 4 hand drawn, screen-printed postcards, with matching envelopes
  • Mr. Prickly, the grumpy Porcupine print on the front
  • Double square card: no print on the inside
  • “Hand printed by Hasenbock” screen printed or embossed on the back
  • The envelopes have a balloon printed on the back
  • A set contains 4 cards in different colors (orange, yellow, red and blue balloon)
  • Print: black porcupine holding a colorful balloon
  • Screen printed manually with ecofriendly, water-based ink
  • White or Brown, recycled paper
  • Card size: 13×13 cm
  • Envelope size: 14×14 cm


Porcupines & Hedgehogs: same same but different

If you want to annoy Mister Prickly, tell him he looks like a sweet grumpy hedgehog. Did you know hedgehogs and porcupines actually aren’t related at all? They might look alike a bit, with their prickly quills. However, in fact Porcupines are part of the rodent family,  whereas hedgehogs are closely related to moles and shrews. There are about a dozen different types of hedgehogs and two different sorts of porcupines. New World porcupines live in North America and Northern South America. They can climb trees. Old world porcupines can be found in Southern Europe, Asia and Africa. They can be up to a meter long and they don’t climb.

Additional information


Mr. Prickly

SET colors

mixed colors

Print color

Black print, Blue print, Yellow print, Orange print, Red print


White, Brown


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