Set of 4 greeting cards + envelopes


Analog is the new happy: show your friends and loved ones that you really care and send them a card instead of a whatsapp. And even better: as this is a set of 4, you can  make 4 people happy!

Or just be nice to yourself and keep them somewhere in your own house pinned to a picture wall, in a frame or just like this!


2 in stock (can be backordered)


A set of 4 double greeting cards in size C5, no print inside

Hand drawn designs screen printed on recycled cream-colored paper with matching envelopes. A set consists of one card of the following iconic Hasenbock designs each:

  • Wolfie (wolf in sheep’s clothes)
  • Haaaai (shark saying hi)
  • Serial Chiller (chilling sloth)
  • Zombee (friendly bees dangerous cousin)



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