Design on Blue Beeswax wraps | Set 3xS


A set of 3 small beeswax wraps featuring the Wolfie, Serial Chiller Sloth and flying Zombees designs. These organic beeswax wraps are locally sourced and hand printed in bright blue on royal dark blue upcycled cotton.

This set consist of three wraps in size small (18 x 18 cm).

Small beeswax wraps are ideal to wrap half a lemon or union, some nuts or couple of cookies. You can also cover a small bowl with them, or an open yogurt cup etc.

Sets save you 10%

Be smart: buying these hand printed, locally sourced beeswax wraps as a set saves you 2 euros. That is 10% less than single wraps of the same size cost.

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Bio-Zutaten, Upcycliert


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