Hasenbock, Dutch Design hand printed in Austria Screenprinting

Sustainable and environmentally conscious

Hasenbock products shouldn’t cause harm to the environment.

I detest over-consumption and single use products. Therefore, I try to make high quality products, that will last for a long time and are responsibly produced.


Organic, fair & printed on demand

  • Almost all new textiles used are certified organically produced. They are often FairTrade or BCSI certified too.
  • I prefer to screenprint on demand. This means I start when I receive you order.
    This takes some time, of course. As a result, you’ll get exactly the product, size and colors you want. Also, your  willingness to wait a bit helps reduce waste and avoids scrapping products.


Upcycled & eco-friendly

  • Some items in the shop are made of upcycled materials, for example most beeswax wraps and picture frames around selected art prints. This means, I creatively reuse unwanted materials and second hand items into a product of better quality and environmental value.
  • The inks I use to print the Hasenbock products are always water-based and  heat fixated (if on textile) in order to make the prints last long.
  • The Hasenbock printing studio is powered 100% by natural electricity and solar energy, in addition to 110% Women Power 🙂

Little or zero waste

  • The Hasenbock logo that you’ll find on items like t-shirts and bags is usually printed with mixed leftover ink, as to reduce waste (and it often creates a playful color and pattern mix, which I like). 
  • Detergents I use to wash and clean materials before upcyling them are eco-friendly.
  • Also, I try to avoid using plastic in Hasenbock’s packaging.
    I only use labels, boxes and wrapping made of recycled materials and/or FSC paper and cotton textile bags to pack and ship your precious goodies.