Hasenbock: symbol for endless imagination

Dancing Hasenbock Logo

The name Hasenbock stands for the unlimited ability of the human mind to invent and imagine new things. A combination of two apparently ordinary things – say, a jackrabbit and an antelope – can create something quite extraordinary. The Hasenbock is the Austrian cousin of the American Jackalope.  He is a close relative of the German Rasselbock from Thuringia and the Bavarian Wolpertinger.

To me,  the Hasenbock is the perfect embodiment of the creativity and imagination I want to put into the handmade silkscreen printed products I make for you.


Screenprinting Dutch Design, by hand in Austria

Flora von Hasenbock Siebdruck Österreich Pöndorf Oberösterreich Salzburg

Hasenbock is a one women business, created by Flora Arts. Hasenbock is based on the border of Salzburg and Upper-Austria, with strong Dutch roots.

Originally from the Netherlands, I lived in various European countries, including Germany (Jena, Augburg) and Portugal (Lisbon, Coimbra). In 2016 I moved from Haarlem to a small village in Upper-Austria, not far from Salzburg. Here, I hand draw all my designs. Then, I manually print them mostly by screen printing. I learned to screen print in Salzburg and loved it from the very first moment. Since then,  I have not stopped learning.

Original designs inspired by the Kobernausserwald

Living in an utterly rural environment, I enjoy the massive Kobernausserwald forest within walking distance. Running the forest trails, I get most of my ideas for new Hasenbock designs. Then, I draw the designs by hand in my back yard or at my desk with endless views on the foothills of the Austrian Alps (if it is not too foggy, because after all it is Upper-Austria we’re talking about here…).

Peaceful as village life may be, I have always loved the  hustle and bustle of my dear home city Amsterdam. I still miss city life once in a while.  However, as a remedy, I love to go on city trips and discover new neighborhoods, museums and street art!

Sustainable and environmentally conscious

Hasenbock products shouldn’t cause harm to the environment. I detest over-consumption  and single use products. Therefore, I try to make high quality products, that will last for a long time and are responsibly produced.

Organic, fair & printed on demand

  • All new textiles to make Hasenbock’s screen-printed T-shirts, shopping bags and other items are certified 100% organically produced. They are often FairTrade or BCSI certified too.
  • Slow fashion rules! I prefer to screenprint on demand. This means I do not pre-produce a lot of stock, but start making your T-shirt, baby body or bag only after I receive you order. As you can understand, this adds a couple of days to the production process. As a result however, you’ll get exactly the product, size and colors you want!  Hence, your  willingness to wait a bit for you order helps reduce waste and avoids scrapping products.

Upcycled & eco-friendly

  • Some items in the shop are made of upcycled materials, for example most beeswax wraps and picture frames around selected art prints. This means, I creatively reuse unwanted materials and second hand items into a product of better quality and environmental value.
  • The inks I use to print the Hasenbock products are always water-based and  heat fixated (if on textile) in order to make the prints last long.

Little or zero waste

  • The Hasenbock logo that you’ll find on items like t-shirts and bags is usually printed with mixed leftover ink, as to reduce waste (and it often creates a playful color and pattern mix, which I like). 
  • Detergents I use to wash and clean materials before upcyling them are eco-friendly.
  • Also, I try to avoid using plastic in Hasenbock’s packaging. I only use labels, boxes and wrapping made of recycled materials and/or FSC paper and fair trade organic cotton textile bags to pack and ship your precious goodies.

I hope you will enjoy your Hasenbock products as much as I do!

Liebe Grüße from Upper-Austria,

Flora from Hasenbock

Key Data

The Hasenbock label is created and curated by  Flora Arts.

  • Owner: Floor Ann Arts (Flora)
  • Address: Bergham 71, 4891 Pöndorf, Austria
  • Austrian UID number: ATU71999019
  • Austrian GISA number: 323 11 679