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Serial Chiller sloth on Pink kids Hoody

Kids Wear

Serial Chiller Sloth hand printed baby clothing long and short sleeve organic

Baby Clothing

Grey Men's T-shirt with hand printed Wolf in Sheep's clothing motive

Men's Wear

ocker, green and blue WTF Fox Women's t-shirts

Women's Wear

Pizza Love Card with Envelope

Cards & Prints

Dutch Cheese wrapped in handmade wax wrap

Wax Wraps

screen printed stylized oregano print waxed flowerpots

Wax Pots

Serial Chiller sahara brown canvas messenger bag with relaxed Sloth screen print


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Discover the Power of Beeswax Cloths

Discover the Power of Beeswax Cloths

Beeswax wraps are like plastic or tin foil, but they're better for the environment. The Hasenbock wraps are crafted from upcycled cotton. I make them with natural ingredients like beeswax straight from my backyard, tree resin from Lower Austria, and organic jojoba oil. In addition, the Hasenbock...

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Bye bye plastic, hello beeswax wraps

Bye bye plastic, hello beeswax wraps

Every day, tons of single use plastic and foils are used to keep food fresh. Beeswax wraps are a good and sustainable alternative, that will help you reduce waste. Using them is easy and if you take good care of your wraps, they will last longer. What are the do's and don'ts? What can you use a...

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Hasenbock, Dutch Design hand printed in Austria Screenprinting

Dutch Design Hand Printed in Austria

Always responsibly produced and manually printed

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